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Dr. Madeline Goodman

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Walking out of the Woods Together

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Dream Group

Have you ever woken up wondering what a dream meant or why you’d have that dream now?

Dream group is a safe way to start exploring your dreams.   It will meet  twice a month for 90 minutes. That will allow several dreamers each group to have their dreams presented and explored.   The group  will meet  every other Wednesday via ZOOM from 7:00 to 830 pm EST . 

The cost of each group will be $35.  (See policies). If you would like to become a fellow traveler in this dream exploration, please  contact me  through the form below .

Recent Writings:

Not a quick fix. Abstract LSD capsule pills with bottle. Drugs narcotic concept. Capsule pharmacy bottle pill drug concept.

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy?

This year the field of psychiatry has seen psychedelic  assisted psychotherapy research explode. I am  personally  a bit concerned about it. My greatest concern is that patients will be once
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We all remember the Bee Gees’ song from the 1970’s movie Saturday Night Fever. Who knew the phrase would have so much meaning almost 40 years later? I certainly didn’t.
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Time to Face the Change

I have decided to make some changes to my practice. I am no longer accepting new medication management patients. This means seeing myself as a psychotherapist. I worked hard to
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I Missed Again

Sometimes I can miss things my patient is trying to tell me. I know I can’t be perfect but I do get upset with myself when I felt I may
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My New Blue Door

Yesterday I finally painted my office front door a vibrant blue. It had been the black I painted it a few years ago because I thought that went better with
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If you grew up in the 1970’s like I did. You would know that Dreamweaver was a song released by Gary Wright June 1, 1975. It has been used in
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