It’s hard to believe summer is almost over.  Today it was actually 80 degrees. However, I know in several weeks the chill in the air will return in the early mornings.  I know this because I get up and let my chickens out pretty early. 

This summer has been a busy one for me. I am studying for my Psychiatry boards again. I will be certifying for the third time.  Not my favorite thing but it has to be done.  I am also moving my office to my home. 

 I have had mixed reactions from friends, colleagues and even my patients. When I was a resident so many years ago, most of my faculty in Washington, D.C. had home offices. It was much more common.  I have been busy (and stressed) renovating my home. It is going to look very different from my current space. Even the colors are different. I had yellow walls in the past and now I will have white with blue gray accent walls. I bought new comfortable chairs and I am making the office more analytic and less medical.  I believe it is because I am moving into a different phase of my work.  I am also over fifty now.  My life is changing. I have a teenager who is heading to high school. He needs me less and less.  I know I will be refocusing my energy to pursuits I had to abandon when I became a mother.  So in a sense this is a new beginning.  I am excited beyond belief about having a home office, but I will also have some sad feelings about saying goodbye to the office I have spent so much of the last 6 years occupying.  New beginnings can happen at any age.  It’s when we embrace them rather than avoid them they can be wonderful. 

 Hope you have a good end to your summer!

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