The office has moved.  As I was leaving my assistant  asked me if I felt sad at all.  Surprisingly, I have no sad feelings about leaving my current office space.  She replied with ”that means this is the right move for you.”    She was right.  In the past when I have felt  angst about  major life change, I still knew it was the right decision for me.  So is this a function of maturity or was it the right time to move to a home office?  Or as I go through more changes they become less “big” for me? The space I have created to go to is very much the way I want it to be.  The colors are new  and fresh.    In the past I had to fight with landlords to give me new paint even when I would  agree to  a three year lease.  I usually got back, well then I will just have to charge you more rent.”  No, thank you!  So maybe for the first time the space is exactly as I want it.  

Sometimes we make decisions because we know it is best for us. It can still be excruciatingly painful. That doesn’t mean it is wrong. We must always look at why we let our lives go  down a path that in the end would hurt us so badly to move on from. It is my job to help my patient deal with the pain initially  and then  to help her see she was the one who led herself to this place.   It is easier for me to see when  I am sitting in the therapist chair. It has taken me a very long time,  much of my own therapy and looking at my own pain to understand this.  My job is really to be with my patient as she goes through the pain.  I am never really sure how it will go but that is ok. 

I am very excited about my new space and as soon as my teenager son wakes up from his 12 hour beauty rest he will help me post a picture of the new space.  For some reason I can’t get the picture upright. Thank goodness he had computer stuff in middle school.  He usually says, “mom, you just have to do this”  and in one felt swoop he makes it all better!

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