I will periodically be  publishing a  newsletter. My hope is to provide some interesting topics in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. I will also be discussing lighter topics on occasion to mix it up a little.  I find the fall to be a time for change, hence my now publishing a newsletter.   The summer has come and gone. I see the leaves changing on the trees. The white hydrangeas start to go from white to pink and finally a deeper rose color. The grass begins to brown. It all signals the fall season is coming. I generally start making soups in the fall. A new favorite soup of mine is a squash soup with Massaman curry and coconut milk. Massaman curry is a rich and flavorful Thai curry that is mildly spicy. I will post the recipe for the soup later in this posting. Soup can be deeply comforting at times. We have an expression that chicken soup is like “Jewish penicillin.” I don’t think that there is a time when I am sick that I don’t want chicken soup.  So why is soup so magical?

Potato, Potata

The origin of soup is debatable. One source said it originated in 20,000 B.C. The first soup was hippopotamus soup.  Soup was designed to keep one full and aid in digestive enzymes. During illness because it is liquid it helps to keep us hydrated. Maybe when the winter months came and less abundance of crops were to be had it helped keep people alive? I honestly don’t know but there is plenty to learn from how food was prepared many years ago. Cantonese culture makes soup a first course and Friday night’s at the sabbath dinner table, Matzoh ball soup is the second course after the blessing of the challah and wine. It clearly is part of many traditions and cultures.

Here come’s the Soup

I find soup comforting and a way to have a meal that seems less fussy. Sure it has to be made, but once it is done it can easily be stored for days in the refrigerator. I enjoy making soup because it leaves my house with wonderful aromas. I especially enjoy coming home and smelling a slow cooking soup when I first walk through the door. During the fall finding what brings us good feelings can be helpful as we head into the darker months of the year. Walking, gathering with friends or cooking can help us feel more connected.  My hope is to stay more connected  through my “new newsletter.” 

Here is the recipe I promised:

(please do not eat if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients)

Squash your choice, I used butternut and buttercup. I did not peel it, but remove seeds.

1/2 large Onion 

3 Carrots

4 Cloves of garlic 

One can full fat coconut milk

One small can Massaman curry paste or less if you want less heat.  

One chicken broth box

3/4 cup lentils (I used red lentils this time)

Salt ( I didn’t salt it but up to you)


Cut the squash into large chunks along with the carrots. Slice the onion and mince garlic. I sautéed everything together until they were soft and garlic added flavor. Transfer to crockpot. Add the coconut milk, Curry paste and chicken broth. After it heats up a little I add the lentils. I cooked on high for two hours and then put down to low for three hours. You could do on high for four hours straight or eight on low, depending on how you want to cook it.  Then use a hand mixer (I used an immersion blender) to blend everything together.  Here is mine with  some Chinese broccoli.   


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