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Newsletter and Soup’s on

I will periodically be  publishing a  newsletter. My hope is to provide some interesting topics in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. I will also be discussing lighter topics on occasion to mix it up a little.  I find the fall to be a time for change, hence my now publishing a newsletter.   The summer has come and gone.
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It’s All Greek to Me

I seemed to get away from blogging this last year as life took me in some new directions. I still have my private practice and have focused almost entirely on psychotherapy. I now only provide online services and I also had personal matters to attend to.  One of those matters was getting my only child
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When did food become our enemy

When Food is the Enemy

I see women in my practice every week who suffer from eating disorders (ED).   I never used to see men with  ED but that has changed. Still, the incidence is much less frequent than with women and, when it does present, it is often much less severe in nature. I used to see it more
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Earl Grey Tea

I find myself wanting things that are predictable. Earl Grey tea is something I can count on. It tastes the same every time. It’s easily recognizable. I don’t have to guess as to what flavor the tea is. As a new psychotherapist I found it very hard sometimes to figure out what my patients were
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Not a quick fix. Abstract LSD capsule pills with bottle. Drugs narcotic concept. Capsule pharmacy bottle pill drug concept.

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy?

This year the field of psychiatry has seen psychedelic  assisted psychotherapy research explode. I am  personally  a bit concerned about it. My greatest concern is that patients will be once again looking for a quick fix. This will also do nothing more but excite the insurance companies. They would like us to quickly fix our
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We all remember the Bee Gees’ song from the 1970’s movie Saturday Night Fever. Who knew the phrase would have so much meaning almost 40 years later? I certainly didn’t. Fever was now something to be feared. As I have aged another year and have more gray hair to prove it, I find my body
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