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As of April 14, 2003 federal law mandates that all medical offices institute new policies and procedures to ensure the privacy of each patient’s medical record and to protect confidential information.  This federal law has caused no changes to the policies and procedures that Dr. Madeline Goodman has used in  her private practice since 1998.  I wish to advise patients I do have internet access.  It is primarily used  for transmission and filing of electronic claims to your insurance providers.  I will provide the absolute minimum information to your insurance company that is required to process your insurance claims.  Your medical information is diligently guarded and is only released to third parties with your full and informed consent.

You are entitled to inspect your record and determine what information will be released.  I encourage you to inspect any reports before they are released and  edit anything you do not want released.

If at any time there is a HIPPA breech you will be notified immediately.   It will be  thoroughly investigated and a corrective plan will be used to  resolve any identified  problems  so as to avoid any future lapses in confidentiality.  At this time I have audited my current privacy  practices and I am confident that your records are at extremely low risk because I have opted not to have an Electronic Medical Record.  If I begin to use of an EMR you will be notified thirty days in advance.

If at any time you have any concerns regarding the privacy of  your medical records you may bring your concerns directly to me.

I respectfully request that you sign on the HIPPA acknowledgement page.  If you would like a copy one will be made available to you.


Madeline A. Goodman D.O.